Policy Documents/PDS

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Allianz Private Motor pdf-file-blue32

CGU Commercial Motor pdf-file-blue32

pdf-file-blue32CGU Private Motor Effective 01/08/2017

CIL Caravan Motorhome pdf-file-blue32

GT Commercial Motor pdf-file-blue32

QBE Private Business Motor pdf-file-blue32

Vero Private Motor pdf-file-blue32

Zurich Commercial Motor pdf-file-blue32


Landlord Insurance

pdf-file-blue32CGU CQIB Landlords Effective 01/02/2016

pdf-file-blue32QBE CQIB Residential Landlords Effective 28/12/2015

pdf-file-blue32Vero Secure Landlord Insurance Effective 07/07/2012 

pdf-file-blue32IAL Landlords Accidental Damage Effective 15/03/2017

pdf-file-blue32  IAL Landlords Defined Events Effective 15/03/2017

Residential Strata Insurance

Longitude Residential Strata pdf-file-blue32


Marine Insurance

pdf-file-blue32Club Marine Private Pleasure Craft Effective 02/2017

Nautilus Personal Watercraft Effective 01/10/2015 pdf-file-blue32

Nautilus Private Pleasure Boat Insurance Effective 01/10/2015 pdf-file-blue32

pdf-file-blue32Pantaenius Sail Motor Yacht Insurance Effective 11/2015


Home and Contents Insurance

pdf-file-blue32IAL Accidental Damage Effective 15/03/2017

pdf-file-blue32IAL Listed Events Effective 15/03/2017

pdf-file-blue32IAL Listed Events Base Effective 15/03/2017

pdf-file-blue32CGU Accidental Damage Effective 02/2016

pdf-file-blue32CGU Listed Events Effective 03/2016

QBE Accidental Damage Effective 28/12/2015 pdf-file-blue32

pdf-file-blue32QBE Listed Events Effective 28/12/2015

pdf-file-blue32Vero Accidental Damage effective 04/12/2017

Vero Listed Events effective 04/12/2017 pdf-file-blue32


Travel Insurance

pdf-file-blue32Aussie Travelcover PDS Effective 30-11-2016

pdf-file-blue32Covermore Comprehensive Care PDS Effective 01-06-2017


Commercial Insurance

pdf-file-blue32Allianz Steadfast Business Pack Effective 07/2016

pdf-file-blue32Allianz Trades and Services Pack Effective 08/2016

pdf-file-blue32 CGU Business Pack Effective 01/10/2015

pdf-file-blue32CGU Office Pack Effective 01/08/2016

pdf-file-blue32QBE Commercial Retail Industrial Business Pack Effective 13/05/2016

Vero Business Insurance pdf-file-blue32

Vero Contract Works and Legal Liability pdf-file-blue32

Vero Equipment Breakdown pdf-file-blue32

Zurich Business Insurance pdf-file-blue32


Rural Insurance

CGU Farm Motor Effective 01/07/2015 pdf-file-blue32

pdf-file-blue32CGU Rural Insurance Effective 01/07/2015

pdf-file-blue32QBE Farm Pack  – Existing policies and New Business Effective 02/05/2016 – Renewals effective 08/08/16

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