Preparing for Cyclone Season

Each year cyclones cause hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of property damage and injuries to people; not to mention the emotional anxiety experienced from witnessing your livelihood and belongings in ruin.

Here are some tips on things you can do to protect your family, business, property and contents.

  • Clear your property of dead trees or bushes, ensuring they are away from the house and power lines.
  • Secure loose outdoor items and garage vehicles.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your business, home and property as materials deteriorate overtime.
  • Have a builder check the structural soundness of your home and the condition of the roof as building standards change to reduce the risk of damage to your home.
  • Keep gutters and downpipes clear.
  • Prepare a household emergency kit with contact numbers and essen! al items such as a portable radio, spare batteries, torch and a first aid kit.
  • Make sure everyone in your business and at home, know what the risks are and formulate a plan for contacting one another if separated.
  • Use a safe or waterproof bags to secure your insurance, important documents and other special items.
  • Keep or update a list of contents for your home and business.
  • Review your home, business and contents insurance policies ensuring you have sufficient coverage
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